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Ways to reduce the cost of compressed air

Compressed air is widely used in industry, and the cost of compressed air is a concern for every customer. The initial equipment investment is only a part of the cost, and operating expenses are the main cost of compressed air. Let’s look at it together!

1. Appropriate air compressor selection

Model selection is the first step to saving energy in an air compressor system. It is necessary to select a suitable compressor type according to the air volume, and also to select a fixed speed or variable speed compressor according to the characteristics of air use.

2. Choose the right dryer and filter

Different applications have different requirements for the quality of compressed air. It is essential to choose a suitable pressure dew point, so there is no need to over-select

3. Gas storage tank capacity

The capacity of the gas storage tank will affect the loading and unloading and the working cycle of the compressor, and a A larger size gas storage tank is helpful for the energy saving of the system.

4. Reduce air pressure

any pressure higher than the actual gas used at the gas point is wasted, and waste caused by excessive pressure can be avoided by collecting the pressure at the gas point.

5. Check the drain valve

When the drain valve fails, a certain amount of compressed air will be leaked. Use an electronic drain valve with zero gas consumption and check whether it is faulty regularly.

6. Check the filter

Dirty filters will not be able to purify the air, but will increase resistance and cause additional energy waste.

7. Planned maintenance

Regular maintenance and inspection of air compressor equipment, in addition to equipment, but also need to check other equipment such as ventilation fans.

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