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How to choose a better air compressor

The rising energy costs and the state’s attention to energy conservation and environmental protection have promoted the technical development of the air compressor industry. So, in the face of the present mixed situation of the air compressor industry, how to correctly choose an air compressor to reduce costs for their own production and obtain high efficiency?

  1. Stability: With the substantial rise of China’s economy, the continuous liberation of the ideas of all kinds of manufacturers, manufacturers all over the country are busy with production work, and in the production process, the air compressor, which plays an important role, is often full load and all-weather operation. When the factory is in total production, the air compressor produces gas in an unstable situation, which is troublesome and often brings inestimable losses. So when we purchase air compressors, the first standard is the stability of air compressors. At present, some high-grade brands at home and abroad can meet this requirement. With the maturity of frequency conversion air compressor technology, it can be said to meet this requirement.
  2. Gas production: The second is gas production. Some enterprises have very high gas quality, such as the pharmaceutical industry, and basically, the gas is oil-free. On this issue or according to the situation of the enterprise itself, if the enterprise has high requirements for this piece, so long to purchase more well-known machines, if the conditions are not high, according to the use of other situations. As the future development trend of the air compressor industry, the frequency conversion air compressor is perfect in gas production because the frequency conversion air compressor has a very outstanding characteristic of tracking gas production, and the quality of the gas produced is also very considerable.
  3. Power consumption: This is an important place and the focus of discussion because the essential equipment of the air compressor is generally all-weather operation, and the air compressor itself is a piece of very power-consuming equipment.
  4. Price: At present, the domestic air compressor market is cheap, imported expensive. In the eyes of ordinary users, domestic is equal to low-end, foreign is similar to high-end. This is not obje there are now some high-tech air compressor manufacturers in China, and the price is not an essential factor in many cases. The key is to look at gas production, stability, and energy-saving performance.
  5. After-sales service: Of course, service is also a factor to consider, after all, there is no problem with the machine, no one knows, this is just like buying electronic products, or buying mobile phones, always buy a reliable to rest assured, this factor is now more and more attention. In production, the failure of the air compressor can not be solved in time can bring you a lot of trouble. At present, all kinds of air compressor manufacturers have varying service levels. We must look for some air compressors with higher service levels.

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